KPS-4 “Power Savior” Keypad Control Board

$ 60.00

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The GateRx “KPS” keypad control board is a small circuit board that plugs onto the back of 12 digit numeric keypads having a 7 pin (3x4 button matrix) connector plug on the back. It lets the keypad operate a gate opener or other device when pre-programmed 4 digit codes are entered. The keypad and its enclosure are NOT included when purchasing the “KPS” keypad control board.


  • Up to 120 access, 5 flash, 1 latch & 1 master, 4-digit programmable codes
  • 1.7” x 2.8” footprint conformally coated circuit board
  • Easy user or installer programmed from the 12 digit keypad
  • 9-24 volt AC or DC power with less than 10 microamps stand by current typical
  • Premium cable connector with each connector position clearly labeled (4 position)
  • Beeper is loud enough to hear through most keypad enclosures
  • Its relay output can be user programmed for momentary or continuous operation
  • All external connections are protected using resettable fuses
  • 2 year warranty
  • AAS DKE-100L, DK Wireless compatible

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