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About US

GateRx designs, manufactures and sells sliding and swinging gate opener related products. We sell gate operator products in north San Antonio, Texas, where gate openers are popular with the many nearby farms and ranches. We do most all of our own design and manufacturing here in San Antonio so we have better control over our products. Our goal is to offer competitively priced products that are simple, reliable, easy to install and easy to troubleshoot. We sell our products to gate installers, gate service companies. We understand that many homeowners are technically competent and wish to install, maintain and/or troubleshoot their gates so we sell our products to homeowners too. We strive to sell only the best products.

About our products

We manufacture a sliding and swinging gate controller board, a replacement keypad controller board and are in the process of developing other gate related products.

The GateRx model 6411B/6412B slide or swinging gate controller board are manufactured by highly skilled technicians. Our boards consumes very little power when inactive making it a good choice for solar powered applications. It is one of the few gate controller boards available that clearly label user controls. The gate operator boards feature slow start and stop to help the mechanical components for wearing prematurely. This is especially helpful on heavy gates but is a nice feature on light gates too. This gate acceleration/deceleration feature can be installer or user adjusted so that gate speed is gradually accelerated from a full stop to full speed over a time period ranging from ¼ second to 4 seconds at the simple turn of a knob . All electrical connections to the board are “pluggable” receptacles simplifying servicing. The single gate board has 13 multicolor status LED’s to assist in installation and troubleshooting when needed.

The GateRx KPS keypad controller boards plugs onto the back of most keypads having a 7 pin matrix plug. It has a 1.7” X 2.8” footprint and can be powered by 9-24 volts AC or DC. It’s standby current is less than 10 uA so it is ideal for 9V battery powered installations. Three different models are available including one with a separate latch relay. It is a mechanically and electrically compatible replacement controller for the Millennium© Model 950/951, Apollo© Model 925/926, all AAS© models, plus many others that have the 7 pin matrix plug.   It’s rugged design will provide years of good service.