GateRx Model 6411B Single Gate Control Board

$ 349.00

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This control board model operates a single 12V or 24V DC gate operator motor. Gate operator motor voltage must match the battery voltage. Two #6411B control boards cannot be used to operate two gate operator motors in a (master/slave) dual gate configuration. Please see the #6412B control board.


  • Single (#6411B) automatic gate control board repair/replacement, or new installations – The single gate model operates one gate operator motor.
  • Simple, low parts count, coated, 6”x6” square, microcontroller based design.
  • Fits inside most competitive control board footprints.
  • Automatically configures for 12 & 24 volt DC battery operation
  • Standby power consumption less than 5 milliamps @ 12 volts
  • Compatible with most automatic gate operators powered by either solar, AC, or rechargeable batteries that are level, “free swinging” and sliding, which have both “fully open” and “fully closed” gate position switches
  • Easy to connect! One pluggable terminal block for accessory connections and industry standard 8 position receptacle for each gate operator motor
  • Compatible with most industry standard convenience and safety accessories including keypads, remote controlled receivers, vehicle detectors, photoelectric sensors and electric sense edges
  • Operates up to 1/4 hp, 12V or 24V DC gate operator motor(s) connected to gates up to 16’, weighing up to 500 lbs.
  • Lightning and transient protection on all control board inputs
  • Clearly labeled configuration controls and no configuration switches
  • “Easy to see in daylight” status indicators for all control board inputs – plus a “low battery” and unique troubleshooting indicator capable of displaying over 60 helpful troubleshooting codes
  • Automatic, reduced gate speed before fully closed AND just before fully open for smoother gate operation
  • Convenient “on board” “Open/Stop/Close”, gate activation push button switch to  simplify installer testing and troubleshooting
  • Adjustable gate “Acceleration/Deceleration” control
  • Adjustable 10 second to 1 minute “Auto-Close” timer and status indicator settable for OFF, enabled when gate(s) are “fully open”, or enabled when gate(s) are “not closed”
  • “On board” power fuse(s)
  • Relay option available for operating an entry light whenever the automatic gate is operating and for several seconds thereafter
  • Competitively priced!


GateRx LLC warrants it’s products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years for the date purchase by the end user. GateRx LLC shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. GateRx LLC will at its discretion repair, replace or exchange defective products. A quoted cost for repair if there is physical damage resulting from lighting, corrosion, misuse, abuse or modification (non warranty) will be sent for units returned to GateRx prepaid.